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Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Sweets

Indian sweets in Kolkata

“I sense a sugar crash coming…”

It was time for dessert and I still haven’t tried all of the sweets Kolkata is famous for. I decided to eat them one by one in one sitting to compare the taste (I do not recommend trying this).

First of all, this post is different in a way that I’m not even going to discuss fullness and health, because you and I both know that it is not the case with sweets. Instead, I’ll give a short overview of the taste of each one in this package I got in a sweets store where they had a big variety and no insects crawling on the actual pieces.

A sweets store in Kolkata

“Are these… sweets?”

Secondly, I will be bias about the ratings in way that anything that tastes like condensed milk is worth at least a 4, but only chocolates and Nutella can get the highest ratings. Now that you know how the scale works, lets proceed:


#1 – 4

Starting out, I expected it to taste better. Tastes like dry condensed milk with a little something mixed in. The circles are only on the surface.

#2 – 3

I don’t know if this is aluminum foil or something edible so I choose to remove it every time. This was something like a very wet and oily doughnut. It had some yellow filling inside, but unless you like your sweets dripping wet you will not be satisfied with this.

#3 – 7

This was the most surprising sweet in the whole box. It’s clearly made from rice with condensed milk and had some lime taste to it. Definitely the most refreshing and satisfying sweet in both consistency and taste.

#4 – 6

There are many sweets of this color and in different shapes and sizes. Tastes like clean, dry condensed milk and that is a good thing.

#5 – 3

Almost like #2, but is smaller, less oily and no filling. Still not very good, though.

#6 – 5

Another very popular sweet that can be found with ease. This one actually tastes a bit better than #4, but still is not my kind of sweet. It doesn’t taste much like condensed milk, but the taste is still pleasant.

#7 – 4

I saw that they also have round balls of the same color and I expect that they would taste the same, but be more wet. This one was not as wet as I expected it to be, but dripping nonetheless and had a condensed milk taste.

#8 – 5

Tastes a lot like #4, but is a bit harder and that made it less good.

#9 – 4

This is a simple and popular sweet that can be easily found everywhere in Kolkata. Less dry than the #1 and tastes like condensed milk. Do not expect it to have coconut even though it might look like it has some.

#10 – 6

This one I haven’t seen or tasted before so I didn’t know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. It was something like a sweet version of a Samosa. A bit crunchy, which made it stand out among the other dripping wet sweets.


Sweets in Kolkata are unbelievably different from sweets we have in Europe. Although I didn’t really like most of them, because of the oiliness, some of them were delicious and I urge to do your own experiment, but over a span of say, a couple of weeks.

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