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A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Chole + Bathura

Chole + 2x Bathura + onion + quarter of lime + something marinated

“A flying saucer leaning on a Bathura.”

This is something that you will want to eat just so you could take pictures to show your friends back home. This is not the most impressive bathura (or batura, bhatura, bathoora, bathure) that I’ve seen, so if I’ll manage to get the bigger one I’ll update this post.

Fullness: 5

Do not be mistaken by the size – the only really filling thing is the curry that goes with your Bathura.

Health: 6

I don’t think I have to tell you what Maida is if you’ve read about my favorite breakfast place, but just so you know, bathura is made from it plus some yogurt and baking soda or yeast to make it inflate.

The Chole on other hand is made from chickpeas, but with a gravy which is just a little bit oily. Lastly, with the meal you get some onion, a piece of some vegetable marinated in vinegar and a quarter of a small lime, all of which are supposed to counter the effects of Maida (mind you that not eating Maida is still the best option).

Taste: 7

Bathura tastes much like any other Indian bread except it’s much thinner and oilier. The Chole is rather tasty and usually not too spicy. The marinated vegetables still taste a little bit strange, but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to taste as all the North Indian meals I had were served with a piece of something that tasted like that.


If you want some nice pictures with “crazy” Indian food, look for this in the South City food court in Kolkata, where they serve the biggest Bathura I’ve ever seen. It may not be the healthiest meal on this planet, but the way it looked was so impressive that one Chinese intern affectionately named it Mr. Big and referred to it only by that name the whole time she was here.

2013-02-06 Update: This is how a big Bathura looks like:

A Bathura at South City Mall food court

A Bathura at South City Mall food court

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