ICT Engineering – Gediminas

Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Juice

Sugarcane and fruit juice vendors on the streets of Kolkata

“To Juice, or not to Juice: that is the question.”

By now you should know quite a few foods that you can safely eat on the streets of Kolkata, but what if you’re thirsty? I’ve tried out 3 different types of juice (Sugarcane, Mosambi, Pineapple) and once again done some research on the internet so you wouldn’t have to.

Fullness: Winner -> Sugarcane – 3

Mosambi being the least filling, I found that sugarcane juice is the most filling, because of its thickness.

Health: Winner -> Sugarcane – 4

Research on Mosambi juice says that either the tools or the water that the vendors use are unsanitary. The same tools are used for making Pineapple juice and in general fruit seems to be more prone to spreading diseases,  so I’ll have to go with Sugarcane on this one.

Sugarcane juice vendors use more cloths for the filtering process and even though you’ll won’t get as much vitamins as from the other two, Sugarcane seems to have a good mix of minerals and most of the vendors mix in some lime juice.

Also, as a general rule, you should avoid vendors who use washable glasses or clay cups and opt for the ones who serve juice in disposable paper cups, at least. You can never know where the clay cups have been and how clean is the water for washing the glasses.

Taste: Winner -> Pineapple – 6

Out of the 3, Pineapple juice has the most pleasant fruit taste.

Mosambi is sweet lime juice and the overall taste is much blander than that of an orange.

To me, Sugarcane tastes like Birch juice except its much sweeter, thicker and sometimes a metallic aftertaste is present.


Drinking juice from street vendors is a very risky venture, but if you find a clean stand where juice is served in disposable cups, chances are you’ll be fine. For a glass of tasty juice you should go for Pineapple, but the overall risks seem to be lowest with Sugarcane.

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