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Practical placement in Kolkata, India

Nehru Children’s Museum

Nehru Children's Museum

“Maybe they have something from the countries I’ve lived in?”

Have you ever wondered what a children’s museum would look like? Well, I have and I visited one right here in Kolkata.

The building is host to both a museum and a school for extracurricular activities. The museum part takes up 3 floors and has a display of dolls from 88 countries as well as two Indian epics retold with the help of clay models.

Dolls from 88 countries

I have went through the exhibition in search of Lithuania and Denmark. Lithuania was not present and Denmark, to my surprise, was not represented by LEGO (something the company should take note of).

The pictures below are just pictures of countries hand-picked by me which I think would be the most interesting to the people who I know are reading this blog. You didn’t expect me to put pictures of all 88 countries, did you?

A Brazilian doll at Nehru Children's Museum


A Czechoslovakian doll at Nehru Children's Museum


Danish dolls at Nehru Children's Museum


German dolls at Nehru Childern's Museum


Japanese dolls at Nehru Children's Museum


Polish dolls at Nehru Children's Museum


Russian dolls at Nehru Children's Museum


U.S.S.R. dolls at Nehru Children's Museum


U.S.A. dolls at Nehru Children's Museum



This one is not exactly a bedtime story. Just to spark your curiosity, it involves a lot of marriages, five brothers, gambling, demons, a battle and suicide.

The display consists of more than 60 sets and being the longest Indian epic, the story has so many names and events happening that I’m not even going to try and tell it to you. The pictures here are just the sets that looked alluring on their own.


“One marriage after the other.”


“So then I tore him apart.”

A ritual

“If we do this, we’ll be OK.”

Trying to imprison Krishna

“Nobody messes with Krishna.”

A dead demon

“An image to think about before sleeping.”

Bhima drinking Dhubshasana's blood

“No references to Twilight, please.”

The brothers going into the mountains

“Going to the mountains was a bad idea.”

Yudhishthira in hell

“Where the @#*& am I?”

Yudhishthira in heaven

“You really thought you were in hell, didn’t you?”


This story had a lot less gore and was much easier to follow. It involves a family feud, a kidnapping, a gathering of forces and a battle.

Like the first one, it has more than 60 sets and is the second longest Indian epic, so I’m not going and try to tell it you. Here are just some of the more impressive sets and maybe someone who knows the story will find them amusing.

Exile of Rama

“Rama should leave.”

Killing the demon Biradha

“Biradha Smash!”

Jatayu trying to help Sita

“I’ll help you Sita!”


“I’m the most epic demon you’ve ever seen!”

Hanuman putting out his tail

“Lighting my tail isn’t so funny now, huh?”

Apes building a bridge

“If you can’t reach ’em – bridge ’em.”

Kumbhakarna awoke

“Haters gonna hate.”

Sita entering a pit of fire

“Even fire doesn’t want Sita.”


“Nothing to do here.”

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