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A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Chow Mein and Fried Rice

Chow Mein and Fried Rice

“No, you can’t have both…”

It’s time I reviewed the two popular and very filling foods that any foreigner can enjoy without having to worry about getting any stomach problems (the locals call it “loose motion”). Both meals are veg and the pictures of the meals in their take-away (the locals will say “parcel”) boxes, so that you would have an idea what they look like.


Chow Mein – 7

Fried Rice – 10

Most people I know, have trouble finishing a full portion of fried rice, but the noodles seem to be easier to cope with.


Chow Mein – 7

Fried Rice – 6

These two are some of the safest foods a foreigner can enjoy, but there are some things you have to consider. Both are fried, have fried pieces of vegetables and are oily. Also, white rice has a much higher Glycemic index than noodles, meaning it will get your blood sugar very high and you will suffer from a “sugar crash” and will feel sleepy after you’ve finished a big bowl of rice.

If you want to know more about “sugar crashing” and the Glycemic Index you should check out the awesome infographic here.


Chow Mein – 5

Fried Rice – 6

Since the main part of this meal consists of grains, there’s not much taste, but I find rice to be tastier. Of course, you could get your rice/noodles with egg, chicken, prawn, mutton for extra taste, but mixing proteins with carbohydrates is not recommended according to this chart right here. Also, some places offer condiments like ketchup, but keep in mind that it will only make the meal less healthy.


If you know you’ll be walking a lot today or you’re just feeling hungry, grab a plate (or a take-away box)  from the nearest and you’ll be good for several hours.

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