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Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: The Holy Trinity of Street Food in Kolkata

Chop (left), Pakora (right) and Samosa (bottom)

“Can you see a face in this picture?”

If you’re lost and hungry in India, then you’ll be happy to know that at least the hunger problem can be solved easily. I call these three – Chop, Pakora and Samosa – “The Holy Trinity of Street Food in Kolkata”, because it’s very hard to find a small street restaurant, which doesn’t sell at least one of these.


Chop (left) – 3

Not as filling as a Samosa due to it’s size and vegetables like beet root, but the Maida and the bread crumbs help.

Pakora (right) – 2

Even though it may look bigger and have more oil in it, but is less filling than a Chop.

Samosa (bottom) – 4

Bigger than the other two, has potatoes, lentils and the infamous Maida, all of which add to the feeling of fullness.


Chop – 4

The vegetables inside are boiled first, but it’s the least fried of the 3 and is covered with some Maida in bread crust ; non-veg. is easier to find than veg.

Pakora – 2

This one is deep-fried in oil until it’s dark, so the oil can be felt even in the middle ; chicken Pakora is much easier to find than veg. Pakora.

Samosa – 3

Deep-fried, but the inside doesn’t feel oily ; the outer layer is made from much more Maida than the Chop ; veg. is easy to find.


Chop – 2

Tastes rather fresh and the taste of boiled beet root is dominant. ; the least spicy of the three.

Pakora – 3

The most crispy and deep fried of the three and similar vegetables like the Samosa  ; often very spicy.

Samosa – 4

The vegetables on the inside are very tasty, especially the lentils, and the Maida on the outside also helps the taste ; medium to high spiciness.



All in all, a good bet. Moderately tasty, pretty healthy and filling. You’ll need several to fill you up, but at least you’re not very likely to feel drowsy after you eat it.


Even though the sometimes the flour used for this is healthier, what makes it a bad choice is that it’s the most deep-fried of the three. You might get the urge to take a nap after you eat several of these.


This one wins over the Chop, because it’s very easy to find a veg. variant and although it’s a little bit less healthy than the Chop, it’s tastier and more filling.

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