ICT Engineering – Gediminas

Practical placement in Kolkata, India

Indian Museum

Indian Museum

“Now this is what I call a museum.”

Yet another tourist place in Kolkata which is the largest in India. This one was actually established by a Danish person and like most tourist attractions here, foreigners are required to pay a lot more than Indians. I was there with my flatmates and for no particular reason we visited the floor in the clock-wise direction. 

The map of the museum can be found here.

Ground Floor

This floor was all about Archaeology, Geology, as well as ancient and medieval stuff.

First we saw a Archaeology/Fossil room:

Geology room at Indian Museum

Geology room at Indian Museum

In the Archaeology/Minor Arts room and near to it, a few things were interesting:

Distiller at Indian Museum


Mini Taj Mahal at Indian Museum

Mini Taj Mahal

Dinosaur skull at Indian Museum

Dinosaur skull

In the Geology section there were some nice crystals, but only a geologist can appreciate all of the rocks that they had in there, so here are some basic examples:

Potash Allum crystal at Indian Museum

Potash Allum crystal

Salt crafts at Indian Museum

Salt crafts

Graphite at Indian Museum


Then there was the Paleo Anthropology room, which had artistic figurines of early human tribes and it made for some very nice, but dark pictures;

Paleo Anthropology at Indian Museum

Caveman eating

Paleo Anthropology at Indian Museum

Caveman Dandia?

Paleo Anthropology at Indian Museum

Cavemen fire-gazing

In the Cultural Anthropology section we saw a “fancy” comb:

Comb at Indian Museum

“Fancy comb is fancy.”

A very interesting sight was the display of Regional Costumes of India. The funny part was that on the eastern part of India, the women appear to have fairer skin than the men, which probably indicates the amount of time spent in the kitchen:

Regional costumes of India at Indian Museum

“Instead of sandwiches the women used to make Roti’s and Chapati’s.”

Along the way to the next section we saw many of these:

Buddha's foot at Indian Museum

“I guess this proves that Buddha exists.”

The next section was for Archaeology/Medieval Statues. Most of them were very small and detailed, but some were quite big and the way one of them was polished seemed rather strange:

Slightly polished statue at Indian Museum

“No no no, don’t polish it all.”

Right next to this section was the Coin Gallery and there I found something I truly didn’t expect to see:

Indo-Danish coins at Indian Museum

Indo-Danish coins

1st Floor

This floor was about Ecology, animal stuffings, creatures in jars and some more fossils. The insect section was closed at the time :/

Some of the stuffings were appealing to me, because of the post about natures lazy combinations on Cracked.com:

Chevrotain at Indian Museum

Deer + Mouse

Pangolin at Indian Museum

Snake + Anteater

Platypus at Indian Museum

A classic example

Some other interesting stuffings in the Zoology/Mammal section, were:

Cheetah at Indian Museum


Polar Bear at Indian Museum

Polar Bear???

Honey Badger at Indian Museum

Honey Badger not caring

For me, the crown jewel of the Zoology/Mammal section was the thing that you see in Sci-Fi movies about aliens:

Babies in jars at Indian Museum

“Brings up your appetite, doesn’t it?”

Lastly we saw the reptile, bird and fish galleries:

Turtles at Indian Museum

“Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello.”

Scavengers at Indian Museum

“Ohhh, these look so cute.”

Butterfly Ray at Indian Museum

“This thing is scary as @^&*”

Lastly, we went to see the Egyptian section and I was very happy to see my very first mummy without even going to Egypt:

Mummy at Indian Museum

“Probably found by a librarian…”

Mummy at Indian Museum

“Death is only the beginning.”

Mummy at Indian Museum

“He better not be smiling at us…”

2nd Floor

If you’ve been there, please tell me whether or not it’s worth going back to see it, in the comments section. This should have been a mask gallery, but we didn’t visit it, because we had to go meet another intern who would be staying in our flat.

There was one thing that we did do before going home – just outside the museum there was a tall guy rubbing his hands, smiling and inviting us to his shop. The intern was supposed to come not far from the place where we were, so we decided to follow him (Adventure!):

A guy selling souvenirs near the Indian Museum

“Come to my shop, it’s very near.”

The prices of the things he was offering were pretty high when compared to what you can get on the street, but we saw some foreigners there and he claimed that his products are of higher quality:

Souvenirs at Cottage Craft

Souvenirs at Cottage Craft

Unfortunately for them, we didn’t know much about quality, so we didn’t buy anything. If you bought stuff from this guy, please tell me how the souvenirs are holding up, because some of those elephant sculptures looked really nice.

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