ICT Engineering – Gediminas

Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Subzi + Luchi

Breakfast at Subir's

“Yes, I’m at Subir’s, having breakfast, where are you?”

Continuing with my street food quest I joined my Polish flatmate in our favorite breakfast place, because of probably the cheapest Subzi and Luchi and the happiest cook in Kolkata.

Subir deep-frying Luchi's

“I knew you will come back.”

Fullness: 7

Depends on how many Luchi’s you have with your Subzi. Two Luchi’s keep me full for quite some time, which is probably due to the fact that the Luchi’s are deep-fried in oil and it takes longer for the digestive system to process them.

"Sink" at Subir's

“And this is where we wash the plates.”

Health: 4

The flour that Indians use (Maida) for making most of their breads is not your ordinary wheat flour (because it’s Maida). Maida is refined wheat flour bleached with chemicals. It’s the cheapest flour here and has been part of the Indian diet for generations. Not only is not nutritious, but it’s also linked to causing diabetes, kidney stones and heartburn.

I’m no health specialist, but heartburn seems to be mainly for obese and/or pregnant people or sometimes can be caused by spices, but diabetes and kidney stones seem like the only real threats to me. The internet says that to counter diabetes you should have Maida (or just not have it) as only 1/3 of your meal while the other 2/3 should contain vegetables, and you should exercise more often. To counter kidney stones the simplest way is to drink several liters of waters each day. You know if you’re drinking enough water by the color of your urine, which should be either clear like water or light yellow.

You can use these two strategies to try and counter the harmful effects on health of Maida, but it is much simpler not to consume it in the first place. If you want something Indian you should go for healthy South Indian foods, like Dosa.

Subzi and 2 Luchi's

“Food of Gods – because only they can ignore the harmful effects on health…”

Taste: 9

Now that we have the health effects and the urine out of the way, we can talk about the taste.

Subzi and Luchi tastes finger-licking good. All of the interns that we showed this placed to agreed that the food is delicious. The peas, matar and potatoes with spices taste gorgeous when eaten with a piece of Luchi. It reminds you of the taste of all the meals you have ever had from wheat flour and makes you forget them, because nothing can compete with this.

Price: depends on the number of Luchi’s you take and not on the amount of Subzi. The price of a Luchi is always around 4 INR.


Fun to try,
Tasty to eat,
Would be much better if it had whole-wheat.

Did I mention that Luchi’s are made from Maida? You will not get diabetes or kidney stones if you eat this occasionally and in small portions, but why would you even want to risk it? If you do plan on eating this more often than once a week, then you should increase the portions of water and fruit that you have throughout the day and have the other meals of the day containing something other than Maida.

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