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Indian Video Game Review

Indian video games

“How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?”

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the second edition of Need for Speedy Russia was out, because, I didn’t even get to play the first one. In this post I’m reviewing 3 video games that I bought for 99 INR in the local super-market.

International Cricket League

ICL 20-20 bowling

“Another one for India.”

ICL 20-20 main menu screen

ICL 20-20 main menu screen

ICL 20-20 team selection screen

“There’s a storm coming.”

ICL 20-20 batting

“If only I would know the rules of Cricket.”

I decided to get the cricket game out of the way first, because I don’t like sport games. I chose to play for Pakistan vs India, because that’s the best match to play.


As a batter you have to use the arrow keys to enter a combination which results in a hit. You have to know which combination to use and enter it at a specific time to hit the ball. I had trouble playing a bowler though. India had beaten me in a couple of plays, because even though I adjusted the keyboard controls to fit the DVORAK layout, the engine of the game was made for QWERTY.


The game-play is as repetitive as cricket is in real life. If you’re a cricket fan though, you might find it enjoyable as you get to play famous players from teams of different countries. Also, every-time you are OUT as a batter, you will hear a duck quack.


The graphics are surprisingly good for a sports game. This was the only game of the 3 that fully supported the resolution of my laptop screen.

Rating: 7

I don’t have much experience playing sports games, but this game lets you choose from different teams, arenas, the game-play can be interesting as you can play against your friends online. I can imagine an Indian cricket fan spending a lot of hours with this.

Need for Speedy Russia II

Need for Russia II in-game screenshot

“Ahhh… there’s nothing like taking your Volga for a spin around Chernobyl…”

Need for Russia II main menu screen

Russia is still part of the Soviet Union

Need for Russia II track selection screen

Apparently Chernobyl is in Russia

Need for Russia II vehicle selection screen

The most popular car in Russia is Volga

I knew I had to buy this immediately after I saw it. I mean, how often do you get to drive a Soviet Volga on the streets of Chernobyl (although, last I’ve heard Chernobyl is in Ukraine).


You control the car with the arrow keys, like in the old-school racing games. Maybe it’s the car that I got, but the driving doesn’t feel as enjoyable as in any other racing game I’ve played. The car feels heavy and stiff.


There are several different cars and tracks to choose from. The only car I recognized from the title was the Volga and maybe there was a old-school Moskwitsch, but the other names didn’t ring a bell. As for the tracks, Chernobyl was the only the only track with the name of a landmark, while others had just generic a track names describing the scenery. At first you get to play only one, but as you progress in the career mode, more are unlocked. Also, I’m not sure if you can finish at least one race, as even after crossing the finish line in the last lap, the race didn’t stop.


The graphics reminded me of the racing games on the very first PlayStation, except the resolution might be better. I didn’t like that the game ran in 4:3 aspect ratio, but the occasional “fancy” sun-flare still made me smile.

Rating: 5

The graphics are dated and the game-play is not very enjoyable. If you want to drive old Russian cars in Chernobyl then this might be the only game for you out there, but for an enjoyable racing experience you should try something from the Need for Speed series.

Underground Fighting

Underground Fighting in-game screenshot

The guy on the left is exactly how I imagined the driver in Need for Russia II would look like.

Underground Fighting main menu screen

“What glitch? I don’t see no glitch.”

Underground Fighting arena selection screen

“Well, this arena looks nice enough.”

Underground Fighting story mode screen

“.. now includes a gripping story line.”

It was the Fight Club quote on the cover of this last game that got me. I needed to see what is this all about. Sadly, I was very disappointed with this one.


You have two different types of punches, kicks and sometimes you can pick up a weapon from the ground. There are several characters and fighting arenas to choose from, but I was not able to see them, because of all the graphical glitches.


If you are comparing this to Tekken then please take back your thoughts and apologize immediately. The game has a quick fight, practice and a story mode, which, also because of the glitches, was ruined for me. Some of the fights can be won by pressing the same key repeatedly and that is not what you want from a fighting game.


Remember the hit racing game Need for Russia II? Well this is almost the same and maybe a little bit worse. Firstly, I had problems even starting the game, but when it did start it had half of the screen covered in glitches all the time. I’ve looked for a solution and found that most of the comments about this game are in Polish and that made me want to stop trying to run this game even more.

Rating: 2

The stereotypical characters, the terrible fight mechanics, the glitches and the constant crashing ruined this game for me. I really wanted to try the Player vs Player mode with my flatmate, but that was one of those that made the game crash also. I wouldn’t advise buying this game to anyone.

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