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Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Dosa

Dosa (folded) with coconut chutney and sambar

“Ehmmm… how do you eat this?”

If not for my new flatmate Mateusz (you know him, everybody knows him) I would have probably stopped experimenting with food. He arrived to our flat claiming that he had eaten only street food for more than 7 weeks and he’s fine and that gave me the courage to start getting to know real street food. Dosa was the first meal I tried and since I’m a beginner, this was a place with an indoor kitchen.

Fullness: 5

The meal is at least moderately filling even if you have the Dosa with nothing inside, because of the pancake itself and the Coconut Chutney (white substance, served cold) on the side. Although, if you eat it in very cheap places the chutney might be watered down and in that case it’s not very filling.

Health: 8

The pancake is made from rice batter and black lentils, the coconut chutney is made from coconuts and healthiness of Sambar (red substance, served hot) depends on the variation of spices used. This rating will be affected depending on what filling will you have and where are you getting the meal from (generally, the cheaper the meal, the lower the quality of the side-dishes).

Taste: 8

This is probably the tastiest thing you can get from South Indian cuisine. The overall taste depends from what’s inside, but the taste of the pancake + coconut chutney + sambar already makes for a delightful meal.

Price: on the street it’s around 17 INR, in a place with an in-door kitchen can be up to 40 INR and in an expensive food court can be over a 100 INR.


If you want to add an Indian meal to your diet, then this would be a very good choice. Not only is it very healthy, but also will not get bored with its taste, because of all the different fillings to try out.

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