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Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Ice Gola


“What the @#)% is this &$^*?!”

Introducing, a very weird form of ice-cream that can only be found in India – Ice Gola. I’m not even sure if you can categorize this as ice-cream, but I think it would fall into the frozen-juice-like-ice-cream category.

Fullness: 2

The cone is made of crushed ice, so most of it is water, but the syrup that the Gola vendors use, is rather thick and adds to the fullness.

Health: 4

You can’t be sure where did the ice came from and whether the vendor abides by any rules of hygiene. The vendor shapes the cones with hands, then he pours the syrup into a disposable glass and adds some spices of unknown origin (which is rather scary). I don’t know anyone who had gotten sick from this the day we ate it, but the risk is pretty high.

Taste: 6

You consume Ice Gola by dipping the cone into the syrup and then sucking out the syrup from the small gaps between the crushed ice. I still don’t know which flavor of syrup I got, but the taste was better than expected.


If you’re dying from the heat and there are no trusted juice vendors around, I would still recommend inspecting the process and the materials used by the vendor before giving this a try.

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