ICT Engineering – Gediminas

Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Coconut

Coconut vendor with Coconuts in their first form

“You lookin’ or buyin’?”

Not only does India have bananas on the side of the street, but it also has Coconuts, and it was about time I tried them how they are served here.

Fullness: 6

It’s rather filling because it contains saturated fat, but don’t expect to be full from it.

Getting served

“I can tell that you never had Coconut like this before…”

Health: 7

It’s pure, raw Coconut and it might contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The only concern here could be the blade that the guy uses. I think it doesn’t affect the Coconut in it’s second form much, but you should be concerned about the third form, because the guy makes you a spatula from a piece of the same coconut and then it comes in close contact with your mouth.

Coconut cup with Coconut juice

The Coconut in its second form.

Taste: 4

The taste of the Coconut juice is like you would imagine Coconut juice to be. It’s like thick water with Coconut taste. After you’ve done drinking the juice, you have to return to the same guy and he shapes your Coconut into it’s third form, which is Coconut bowl with Coconut mash. It tastes exactly like the juice, except much more slimy.

Coconut bowl with Coconut mash

The Coconut in its third form.


There is risk, but then again you are in India and want to taste everything so go ahead, nobody from our group got sick from this one, but to be safe, only drink the juice and if you have a spoon with you, then use that to eat the mash.

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