ICT Engineering – Gediminas

Practical placement in Kolkata, India

Disco Dandia

People preparing to hit the dancefloor

♫ “Party for everybody, dance.” ♫

This was one of the wildest parties of the year and I can barely remember what happened……NOT

Before coming to India I knew 2 different club cultures: the “2 Cool 2 Party” culture and the “Party Like There’s No Tomorrow and Wake Up on a Sidewalk” culture.

The former involves expensive drinks at the bar, sunglasses, fancy clothes, very little dancing and very little talking. The latter one involves A LOT of cheap drinks, cheap clothes, a lot of dancing and singing, and even more passing out and sleeping on a sidewalk.

The one I saw in here was the “I Came Here Just 2 Dance” culture and it does have some advantages over to the other two. I mean, you can finally take your younger siblings to a rave:

Children on the dancefloor

“You’re not my mommy…”

I bet you’ll never guess what they serve at the bar in rave with no alcohol. They have water and something much stronger, if you’re up to it:


“I scream, You scream, We all scream for (Indian) Ice Cream!”

While you’re at it, get me a scoop and pick up some snacks, like, a pack of Lays or… something from these tables:

Gourmet fine catering

Gourmet fine catering

And now I have to ask: why don’t we have more parties like this in Europe?

Although, parties like the Yoga Rave are pushing the culture into the right direction, I can only hope  to see PartiesLikeThis.getInstance().setLocation(“home”), before I’m too old to attend.

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