ICT Engineering – Gediminas

Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Chicken Roll

Veggie Roll

Not an actual Chicken Roll

This is actually embarrassing .. I finished it before I remembered that I need a picture of it, so there’s a picture of Veggie Roll, which looks almost the same from the outside.

\Fullness: 7

It’s kind of complicated: 1 is not enough, but 2 is too much.

Health: 4

Contains natural ingredients and spices, is made in front of you, but the process involves a lot of hand contact of the chef. Also it contains some oil which might be a concern for the ladies. The flour that is used to make the pancake is not healthy.

Note: The day after me and some other interns had it, one got sick, but the sickness ratio was 1/7 and we were still not sure whether or not it caused it.

Taste: 7

A bit too spicy for me, but that’s what you should expect from an Indian version of a Kebab. Although the taste will vary from place to place, overall you shouldn’t be disappointed, as I’ve tried one with vegetables and one with cottage cheese and they were just as good.


If you’re feeling hungry, want something Indian and want it fast, then this is the meal for you. You should consider looking for a place which looks as clean as possible, but overall the risk of getting sick is pretty very low with this one.

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