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Practical placement in Kolkata, India

Mother Teresa’s House

A shrine in Mother Teresa's house

♫ “And then I saw her face. Now I’m a believer.” ♫

I had the honor of visiting one of Mother Teresa‘s houses in Kolkata and you should too, because this is one of the few tourist attractions where a foreigner doesn’t have to pay an entrance fee (well, not officially that is).

If you don’t know who she was, here’s a quick overview of her life from Wikipedia:

She was Albanian and her real name was Agnes Bojaxhiu. Being 12 she was fascinated by the stories of missionaries in Bengal, so when she was 18 she left for Ireland to join the Sisters of Loreto, so that she could learn English and travel to India to teach children. After joining the congregation she got the saint name “Teresa”, because the in-game name ‘”Thérèse” was already taken. She was a deeply religious Christian and was fluent in 5 languages. She was a brilliant marketeer (and/or missionary) when it came to religion and got funding for her projects from Vatican. She established an international Christian cengregation franchise to help the sick and the poor, and got over 700 awards in 30 years including the Nobel Peace Prize.

All of that so that she could live in a room like this:

Mother Teresa's room

Because of “The Book of Eli” I assumed every missionary had an iPod at least

In one part of the building there is a small room with a lot of big posters describing her life in detail, and a display of some of her personal belongings.

Mother Teresa's personal belongings

(slow clap) Well played, Colgate, well played…

And most importantly, the building had her tomb in it. Till this day people come here to pay respects and pray in silence.

Mother Teresa's tomb

♫ “Words are very unnecessary. They can only do harm.” ♫

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    lovely article

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