ICT Engineering – Gediminas

Practical placement in Kolkata, India

Getting to work in Kolkata

A man carrying things on his head

“When you see THIS first thing in the morning, you know nothing can go wrong today…”

My trip starts by getting either a bus or an auto rickshaw, to a bigger station (and because I’m afraid of the buses here, it’s mostly the rickshaw).

Inside the auto-rickshaw to work

“Quick, follow that motorcycle!”

Then I get into an air conditioned bus, because that’s the only one I know. The locals refer to it as a VOLVO.

Not a very busy day in Kolkata

“We should totally pick up more people in the next station.”

After this, depending on which side the bus is going to turn near the end of its route (who knows the bus routes here, anyway), I will either need to get out soon or wait a bit more, and then take another rickshaw. It’s these last steps that are the most difficult…

1 of 2 city centers in Kolkata

“What if we would build a mall and call it the City Centre even though it’s not in the center of the city at all?”

Every morning I have trouble explaining where I need to go, and because my workplace is in City Center 1, I still don’t know where City Center 2 is. Does any other city have more than one center?

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