ICT Engineering – Gediminas

Practical placement in Kolkata, India

A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Puchka

"Look at all these people wanting my Puchka's!"

“Look at all these people wanting my Puchka’s!”

Puchka (a.k.a. fuchka or Pani Puri), is an extremely popular street snack in Kolkata and I was forced to decide to give it a try.

Fullness: 1-10

A big part of it is potatoes, but the best part is that it takes seconds for the guy to make it once he starts, and you can have one after the other until you say stop.

Health: 4

I tried it only because other interns were claiming that it is good. You can never be sure about the quality of the ingredients used and whether the vendor follows any rules of hygiene. Also, there is a big amount of salt and spices in the mix that goes inside the shell.

Taste: 6

It has a crunchy consistency on the outside and is soft on the inside – a bit like potato mash in a chip bowl with some spices and/or lemon juice. I have an Indian friend claiming he could eat 15 of these in a row. Too me, as a Lithuanian, it doesn’t taste special, because we have many dishes from potatoes.


If you are brave enough, you have to try it, because the locals love it and you can buy it on almost any street corner in Kolkata.

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