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A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Chai

Fancy a cup of Chai?

Fancy a cup of Chai?

When India is planning to make tea their national drink maybe you should reconsider drinking coffee ever again. In this post I’m reviewing the most popular version of tea that is sold here, and it’s called (Masala) Chai.

Fullness: 2

This is meant to be a small drink, but it’s creamy and sugary goodness does make you feel a little less hungry.

Health: 7

People say tea with milk is healthy, although, there is some sugar in there also. The preparation conditions and the recipes may differ from place to place, but if you buy it in a mall then there isn’t much to worry about.

Taste: 8

Served in a disposable clay cup and… simply put – tastes like black tea with milk, sugar. Sometimes the vendors add cardamom and a dash of some other spices. I will try to figure it out what else is there and if I’ll manage to reverse-engineer it, I’ll write a post about it. (2013/02/04 Update: Reverse-Engineering Chai)


When you’re in India it is mandatory that you try this, because this is (or will be) the national drink of India, but when you do, be sure it’s from a legit Chai shop.

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3 thoughts on “A survivor’s guide to Indian cuisine: Chai

  1. Georgi on said:

    You forgot to mention its SPICY like everything Indian 😀

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